Recently, I received an email from an eyewitness to Mariano Intheninth’s breakdown at Churchill Downs. The words are so poignant that I asked permission to publish them as a post. On a personal note, and to which so many of you can relate, advocating for animals is no easy calling. The cruelty and suffering that surrounds us can be overwhelming – soul-crushing, at times. But then along comes a note like this to lift the spirits, give us hope.

From Meghan in Kentucky:

“I am writing you because I saw what you posted about Mariano Intheninth. My family and I live in Louisville. I have never been a huge fan of horse racing but my family got free tickets to the track that day and were taking my 85 year old grandma for a day out. I was there when Mariano Intheninth broke his leg…about 30 feet away from me. I will NEVER forget it. Everyone was worried about the Jockey while I was concerned about the poor horse who was obviously afraid and in pain. I have not stopped thinking about it since.

I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging his existence and short life as well as the hundreds of others who have pointlessly lost their lives. I for one will NEVER return to Churchill Downs or any other track ever again, and this experience has only further opened my eyes to this disgusting ‘sport.’ I wish everyone knew the truth. Thank you again Patrick.”