A reminder: Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of same-day euthanasia or shortly thereafter.

Ferarri Cartel, Ruidoso 1, bled, vanned off

Ithink I Can Dance, Mountaineer 6, broke down
Mr Percussionist, Parx 1, broke down

Carbonite, Del Mar 9, vanned off
Awesome Gift, Les Bois 1, bled, vanned off
Dixico, Les Bois 8, bled, DNF
Possy Beach, Les Bois 9, vanned off
My Valentino, Suffolk 3, vanned off

Along Came Kitten, Belterra 1, vanned off
Can’tbeattheheat, Delaware 5, vanned off
Strategic Player, Fair Meadows 8, “pulled up in distress,” DNF
Summer Surfer, Fair Meadows 10, vanned off
Artic Eagle, Fair Meadows 11, vanned off
Miss Stellsie, Presque Isle 3, “fell over backwards,” DNS

Surviving the Odds, Arapahoe 9, vanned off
Clever Peaks, Canterbury 8, vanned off
Rue the Day, Charles Town 6, broke down
Yes She’s Unusual, Del Mar 6, confirmed dead
Longview Drive, Del Mar 7, confirmed dead
Dashin Aint Easy, Fair Meadows 12, vanned off
Far Fly, Indiana 1, bled
Laser Cat, Indiana 7, vanned off
Hill of Tara, Los Alamitos 1, vanned off
Movin’ On Up, Louisiana 8, confirmed dead
Elusive Cowgirl, Monmouth 6, broke down
Corona Sietie, Ruidoso 2, vanned off

Princess Nayiri, Belterra 6, vanned off
Just a Sheikh, Charles Town 4, “pulled up lame,” DNF
Lil Swiss Echo, Del Mar 5, confirmed dead
J Kat, Del Mar 9, confirmed dead
Chichita, Finger Lakes 1, confirmed dead
Semper Kurry, Gulfstream 7, fell, DNF
Party Boy Floyd, Gulfstream 7, fell, DNF
Sequestrate, Gulfstream 7, fell, DNF
World Tour, Louisiana 1, vanned off
Chris’ Reckin Ball, Louisiana 9, vanned off
Mantastically, Ruidoso 3, vanned off
Stel Gone Corona, Ruidoso 7, vanned off
Rocabar, Santa Rosa 8, broke down
Ampersand, Saratoga 6, vanned off
Rock N Heart, Thistledown 8, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

Unusual Heatwave, Del Mar 5, vanned off
Curly Queen, Gulfstream 7, vanned off
More Debt, Gulfstream 9, bled
Fan the Fire, Louisiana 1, vanned off
Smarty Slewy, Thistledown 1, vanned off