Steeplechase races at Great Meadow (Virginia) this past Saturday…

Race 1:
Gray Market “pulled up, DNF”
Handy Cap “pulled up, DNF”

Race 3:
Royal Bench “inherited lead when leading horses fell colliding with a loose horse”
Albany Road “pulled up, DNF”
Unsinkable “fell, DNF”
Kingofalldiamonds “collided with Unsinkable and fell”
Mizyen “DNF”

Race 4:
Bodie Island “pulled up, DNF”

Race 5:
Our Town “pulled up, DNF”
Dakota Slew “pulled up, DNF”
Organisateur “slipped and fell, DNF”

Aintree Races

Then, in a flat race at same venue…

Race 7:
Jump Ship “missed the break colliding into Mr. Bossy”
Extensible “stopped badly”
Donna Di Treviso “stopped badly”

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