The weekend on American tracks (flats only):

Lukes Dream, Albuquerque, “bled, vanned off”

Zipping My Fly, Albuquerque, “vanned off”

Presidential Air, Del Mar, “broke down” – confirmed dead

Starship Galaxy, Gulfstream, “vanned off”

Hoodatcrook, Louisiana, “vanned off”

Cal Girls Reign, Prairie, “fell, vanned off”

Time for Angie, Belmont, “vanned off after the finish”

Mary’s in Utopia, Belmont, “vanned off after crossing the wire”

Todo O Nada Parami, Del Mar, “vanned off”

Supersonic, Ellis, “bled”

Dollar Signs, Evangeline, “pulled up suddenly when lame, vanned off”

Gunderson, Gulfstream, “vanned off after the race”

Pirate’s Cove, Laurel, “returned sore and had to be vanned off”

Sienna Siren, Los Alamitos, “vanned off following the race”

Big G Secret Crab, Los Alamitos, “vanned off”

El Charchas, Monmouth, “slammed into, fell, vanned off”

Anthony’s Flyer, Parx, “returned bleeding profusely, vanned off”

Berlusconi, Parx, “eased when lame, vanned off”

England, Parx, “bled profusely from both nostrils”

Jesses Maserati, Ruidoso, “vanned”

Check My Six, Ruidoso, “vanned”

Kapaya, Sacramento, “vanned off”

Genoclaire, Thistledown, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

Valentine Boy, Del Mar, “vanned off”

The Chilli Man, Emerald, “vanned off”

Baby Doll Dancing, Fair Meadows, “injured, van off”

Tres Seis Zoe, Gillespie, “went down, vanned off”

Root of All Evil, Lone Star, “broke down”

Rage of Aquarius, Parx, “returned bleeding”

Spitfire Wind, Parx, “returned bleeding”

Proud Connie, Prairie, “vanned off”

Baldridge, Ruidoso, “vanned off”

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(source: Equibase)