Wednesday, one of the lighter racing days of the week (quoted info from Equibase):

In the 8th at Delaware, Benny’s Diamond “broke down” and can safely be presumed dead. The filly was raced just nine days prior at Parx, where she finished dead-last, 16+ lengths back. In other words, her “breakdown” should come as no surprise.

In the 8th at Belmont, Captain Serious “took a series of bad steps…[was] pulled up and subsequently vanned off.”

In the 3rd at Delta, Fast Dash Millisimo won but “bled [and was] vanned off.”

In the 7th at Delta, Coronas My Heart won but “bled [and was] vanned off.”

That’s two “winners” same track, same night – “bled, vanned off.”

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And in the 3rd at Prairie, Stormy Equinox “was pulled up…and vanned off.”

This is horseracing.