February deaths reported by the California Horse Racing Board:

Golden Gate
2-year-old Lots of Luck – “horse had surgery to remove bone chips, but went into cardiac arrest and died in recovery.” Last raced on January 24.

2-year-old Elrond – “cooled out after exercise but next day was unable to put any weight on hind limb and was euthanized.” Being prepped for first race.

6-year-old Mum’s Truckee – “unsaddled after race [Feb 15] and was returning to barn when the horse reared and fell over in front of jockey’s room and died.”

1-year-old (yes, 1-year-old) Meister’s Top Cat – euthanized after he “slipped in [the] barn and fractured [his] left tibial.” Yet to be raced.

Santa Anita
Feb 1-Feb 7, 2 “deceased”
Feb 8-Feb 14, 2 “deceased”
Feb 15-Feb 21, 1 “deceased”

Identities withheld.

This is horseracing.

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