3-year-old Just Dance With Me died while training at Hoosier Park Tuesday. Nothing unusual there; what is is how this particular kill transpired: The Standardbred “veered off the track,” went through a fence – and drowned in an infield pond.

Imagine that scene.

Like clockwork, when a track death garners (unwanted) attention, repugnant spin follows. Rick Moore, Hoosier GM (Hoosier website): “Our condolences go out to the Wilfong family for their loss. In the sport of horse racing, racehorses are very much part of the family and are cared for as such.” And: “Horse racing, much like any other racing sport, has its inherent risks that we must continue to keep in mind.”

“Family.” Yes, because lots of parents force their children into grave – mortal, even – danger, then sell, trade, or trash them as economics dictate. “Sport.” Sure, because all sports forcibly restrain, socially isolate, drug, and whip their athletes – then send a large percentage to slaughter when no longer profitable.

Look, I know this exercise grows tiresome, but each and every time they vomit this vileness, it must be addressed. So, again: Horseracing is neither sport nor pastime; it is a (largely) failing 20th Century gambling business. It is $2 bets. Racehorses are neither athletes nor family members; they are private property, commodities – things to be used and expended. Enough, America. Enough.

Shedrow Secrets