7-year-old Blue Sixty Four died at Belmont Monday from… well, allow the Gaming Commission to explain: “crashed into rail and fell while training; sedated and stood up; ambulanced to barn; treated for head trauma; seized in afternoon – euthanized.”

“Crashed into rail – head trauma” – dead.

“Blue Sixty Four” was made on April 19, 2008. Still very much a pubescent, she was put to the whip for the first time in a July ’11 race at Saratoga. 70 more would follow. Horrible enough, but then this: For the last 2 1/2 years of her “career,” BSF was exclusively a claimer – 50 consecutive races in which she was up “For Sale” prior to the start. Owner to owner, trainer to trainer, barn to barn – a thing to be passed around. To top it off, in those final 50 races, she finished 4th or below 44 times.

This is horseracing.

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