From the Golden Gate Stewards Minutes:

In the 9th race on March 6, 6-year-old Know Plans “went wrong, was pulled up and euthanized on the track.” Dead. (The official chart, by the way, had the horse as merely “vanned off.” Yet more Racing subterfuge.)

Also – Generous Don, a 3-year-old gelding coming off a string of poor finishes, “fell to the ground while jogging the wrong way on the outside of the track during the morning [March 4]. Horse was declared deceased by examining veterinarian.”

Meanwhile at Los Alamitos, the minutes declare “two equine deaths this week due to racing injuries.” Identities withheld. What is particularly curious about this, though, is that the “accidents chart” on the page shows two for Sunday, March 6. Yet, a bit further up the stewards say: “SUNDAY PLEASANT SUNDAY…proceedings were very benign and this evening’s races were conducted without serious incidents.” Apparently, dead horses don’t qualify as “serious incidents.”

This is horseracing.

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