From the Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes:

February 19 – “Following the completion of the first race, Time For Action collapsed and died on the track. Racing Veterinarian was on the scene immediately but nothing could be done to save the horse. A heart related issue [she was four years old] is thought to have been responsible for the horse’s demise.”

“Nothing could be done to save the horse.”

From the Golden Gate Stewards Minutes:

February 28 – “Salah Loves Teagan broke down near the 3/16 pole and was pulled up. Track Veterinarian reported the three year old gelding severely injured his right foreleg and was given a ride home in the horse ambulance. It was later reported that Salah Loves Teagan was euthanized at the Papaprodromou barn.”

“Given a ride home.”

From the Santa Anita Stewards Minutes:

February 28 – “Sundar Drums – pulled up, vanned off, euthanized.”

“Pulled up, vanned off, euthanized.”

This is horseracing.

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