Surviving Kandy, an unraced 2-year-old colt, fractured a shoulder while training at Golden Gate Sunday and was subsequently euthanized. Trainer, Vod Farris. Just five days prior at that same track, 3-year-old Mr. Franco (two career starts: last, second-to-last) got loose during training, “ran back to barn and slipped on pavement – lacerated right stifle and fractured tibia.” Dead. Trainer, Salvador Naranjo.

Meanwhile, November 7th on the other coast, 3-year-old Demo was “found dead in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes. Apparently, the Ralph D’Alessandro-trained gelding was “being treated by vet for two weeks” before dying – alone. Of course, “investigation continues.” Back in May, another D’Alessandro horse, Just Mizzy, was “observed having seizure like symptoms, drugs [were] administered…in attempt to treat, but [she] died.” To date, 31 horses have perished at Finger Lakes this year.