The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 4-year-old Hisnameisdash broke while training at Finger Lakes Saturday and was euthanized. Apparently, the gelding “had [an] issue [and was] given [a] year off” before resuming training this spring.

Meanwhile: Although Suffolk Downs has been reduced to three two-day “festivals” – complete with oldies bands, bouncy houses, jungle gyms, face-painting, etc. – a year, the killing, a Suffolk tradition, carries on. The Boston Globe, July 9: “The beauty and the cruelty of thoroughbred racing were evident in the first race steeplechase event, when Silver Lime, a 7-year-old gelding…was severely injured and had to be euthanized after falling after the ninth and final jump in the grueling 2 1/16-mile race.”

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This is horseracing.