By now it should be clear that when something bad happens, the Equibase notes are usually less-than-complete, often, even grossly misleading. For the latter, we need look no further than the 9th race at Oak Tree (Alameda County Fair) on July 5th when 5-year-old Guidopanzini was reported as “pulled up, vanned off.” In truth, Guidopanzini was already dead when the ambulance arrived, officially (California Horse Racing Board) – “collapsed and died unassisted on track [of a] possible aortic rupture.” So you see, the only thing being vanned off that day was a corpse.

The other part of this story, of course, is a not-yet-mature equine felled by an “aortic rupture.” But since California requires necropsies for dead racehorses, some enlightenment may be in the offing. Then, perhaps, one or both of Guidopanzini’s most recent trainers – Vod Farris, Michael Lenzini – will be made to answer. But then again, this being horseracing, perhaps not.