5-year-old Igotitdad was reported as vanned off after finishing “evenly” in a race at Gulfstream West on November 8th. Coupled with a middle-of-the-pack result, this didn’t seem overly ominous. And that’s where it would have stayed if not for a single sentence in the Sun-Sentinel: “Igotitdad suffered a heart attack after finishing and was humanely euthanized on the track.” The “van,” as it turns out, was carrying but a corpse. Further proof – as if more were needed – that Racing rests on deceit.

Igotitdad’s last three starts prior to dying (all under trainer Bernardo Campos):

Sep 12th, 7th of 8, 16 3/4 lengths back
Oct 9th, 11th of 12, 32 lengths back
Oct 16th, last of 8, 16 1/2 lengths back

Fading, fading, fading – gone.