3-year-old Infant Gold is dead after breaking down in the 9th yesterday at Parx. He was first raced in February (when he was two). Follows are his trainer/owner teams and transaction history:

James Cullen/Jay Young, 2 races, sold to Lewis Carlisle on March 28th
Carlisle, 1 race, sold to Michael Stidham/Michael Faber on April 29th
Stidham/Faber, 1 race, sold to Tanya Boulmetis/Dennis Tanchak on May 31st
Ramon Preciado/Tanchak, 8 races – dead on November 22nd

That’s five trainers and four owners in just over nine months. (And there was a fifth owner – breeders Luisa Degwitz/Ric-Deg – at the start.) In that time, Infant Gold was shuffled among four tracks in three states. Chattel defined. This is horseracing.

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