In the wake of yesterday’s kills at Pimlico, Racing shrugs…

Sal Sinatra, Maryland Jockey Club (The Baltimore Sun): “Things do happen.”

Roy Jackson, Pramedya’s breeder/owner (The Baltimore Sun): “We haven’t fully digested the whole thing. But life goes on.” And to be sure, the death “[will] not dampen [the Jacksons’] love for racing.”

Jackson, who was also Barbaro’s breeder/owner (Associated Press): “It’s ironic, right?”

Joe McLaughlin, 74-year-old racing “fan” (The Baltimore Sun): “[It’s] the only downside in racing. It’s going to happen from time to time.”

Two more intelligent, sensitive beings killed for lousy $2 bets – but you know, “things happen,” “life goes on.” How profoundly sad, in more ways than one.

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