The Associated Press reports that a pair of 2-year-olds are dead after colliding and going “over the rail” during a race Saturday at the Stanley Country Fairgrounds (South Dakota). Dying, horrifically, in the same race is not all By Mistake and Bhr Flash and Fly shared, however: Both were born on April 29, 2014; both made their racing debuts at that same track on April 30 – a mere seven days prior to their death runs.

Incidentally, the chart on this one offered not one hint as to what befell these equine babes. The complete note for each: “lost rider.” Imagine – two horses collide, go over the rail, break legs, are euthanized – probably where they lay – and all the chartwriter has to say on the matter is “lost rider.” They don’t care, folks. They simply don’t care.

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