From the most recent Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes – race 4, June 17:

“Ione It All broke down dramatically, falling and throwing her jockey rather forcefully to the track surface. The horse was euthanized on track for a broken cannon bone and right front ankle. Jockey Hernandez was transported by the paramedics for treatment.”

Broke down “dramatically”? Sick. As for the rest, using wording that clearly intends to elicit sympathy for the jockey is contemptible. First, he is fine – “complained of collarbone and wrist pain.” But on a moral level, that is wholly irrelevant. That’s not to say it’s not sad when a jockey ends up paralyzed or dead, just that he is a decidedly willing – and very much active – participant. Nothing is being done to him. The horse, conversely, is a piece of property forced into this farcical “competition.” And when one goes down, as here, it can be said that she was killed by those who were exploiting her – including, inescapably, the whip-wielder perched atop.

Also on that same California day, Iron Storm, another 2-year-old, suffered a “sudden death” while training (for his first race) at Golden Gate.

This is horseracing.