Further details on some of the Pennsylvania dead.

The report on JC’s Dream says he was euthanized for a broken carpus at Penn in February; adding, he had “just come in from a training center – very thin, very lame,” and that he had “never worked here [at Penn] – too lame.” However, according to Equibase, JC had been raced at Penn only one month prior (January 17, in a $6,250 claiming race). Curious – and, of course, animal cruelty defined.

The report on Quiet Title says he “died on the [Penn] track during training exercise” in March. It further reads, “the horse had already worked 1/2 mile; they suspect the horse fell and broke [his] neck…someone saw blood from the ears.”

“Blood from the ears.”

Quiet Title’s final six races:

February 21 (2014), $4,000 claiming at Penn – last of 9
May 30, $4,000 claiming at Penn – last of 11
October 10, $4,000 claiming at Penn – 7th of 8
October 25, $4,000 claiming at Penn – 7th of 9
November 15, $5,000 claiming at Charles Town – 8th of 10
December 12, $5,000 claiming at Charles Town – 6th of 10

The death of 18-year-old “pony horse” Ladys Bad Boy on April 4: “Horse was not right during races Friday. Returned to stall. Saturday…still not right…[owner] went to seek veterinary attention. Returned to find the horse dead in his stall.”

Blow By, a 3-year-old filly, died in Barn C, Stall 95 at Presque Isle in May. Cause of death: “pneumonia” and/or “possible head trauma.” The report adds: “horse was disposed of off property prior to examination by Commission Vet. No blood sample was collected.” Incidentally, prior to dying, Blow By had been whipped three times in maiden claiming races: last, last, second-to-last – a combined 87 lengths back.

The death of 4-year-old Riot Squad on July 8: “Horse was down and thrashing.” “Humanely destroyed” for being “terminally ill.” At four.

The final six races of Holy Royal:

July 24 (2014) – last of 10
August 14 – 8th of 9
September 18 – last of 8
October 26 – 7th of 9
July 2 (2015) – 6th of 8 (“tired”)
July 16 (at Presque Isle) – “heart attack/cardiac failure.” Dead.

Rough Road Ahead died of “cardiac arrest” while training at Presque Isle in September. On the day he died, he was ten and had been put to the whip 69 times – most recently in an August $5,000 claiming race at bottom-of-the-barrel Mountaineer. In that race, he finished 9th of 10, earning $66 for his people.

And finally –

Huff’n Hughes “collapsed and died” while training at Parx in October. This, after six years and 78 (mostly claiming) races.