Ellerslie Racecourse (New Zealand) ran four “jumps” races Monday. One horse was killed in three of the four. Yes, that’s three dead animals in four races: 5-year-old Tu Meta Peta in the 1st, 6-year-old Musashi in the 3rd, 7-year-old Bahhton in the 4th.

In a New Zealand Herald article, Auckland Racing Club chief executive Cameron George reacted thus: “…statistically where do you draw the line? It’s not in anyone’s vision that we want to see horses that have fatal injuries, but we sit very well compared to all forms of sport.” A blatant lie, of course. But it gets worse: “We had 11 deaths on the roads [this weekend], does that mean everyone is going to stop driving? I wouldn’t think so.” As for the horses, George says “they enjoy it.” The “it” he refers to is being whip-forced to run – fast – and jump over man-made obstacles.

Mr. George, you are an obscenity.

Then this from jumps trainer John Wheeler, who was present Monday (Stuff): “People like me, who have had horses all their lives, love horses more than any animal rights person. We accept the risk that comes with it, and it hurts when it happens, but that’s part of it.” And finally, “Where you have livestock, you have dead stock.”

Mr. Wheeler, you, too, are an obscenity.

Video showing each of the fatal falls. Please share far and wide.