Further details on some of the West Virginia dead.

The final three races for Burton Sipp-trained/owned Slot Machine:
May 31, 2015, $5,000 maiden-claiming at Mountaineer – last of 9, 52 lengths back
June 20, $5,000 maiden-claiming at Mountaineer – last of 7, 33 lengths back
July 14, $5,000 maiden-claiming at Mountaineer – “broke down” – Dead

10-year-old Out Drinkin’ was under the whip for the 86th time when he “labored” and was “eased through the lane” in a $5,000 claiming race at Mountaineer on July 22, 2015. Turns out, the Barbara Price-trained, Paula Zameroski-owned horse had broken his leg – “Humanely Destroyed” the next day.

On September 27, 3-year-old Catana finished 4th in a race at Mountaineer. Eight days later she was “found dead in [her] stall.” On that very same day, another 3-year-old, Temple of Doom, was also “found dead in [his] stall.” He had just been raced five days prior. Now get this: Both horses were trained and owned by the same person – Sara Stanoszek. Was there an investigation? Probably not, and even if there was, nothing ever comes of those – especially ones involving cheap horses. Truth is, Stanoszek and her ilk are never really held accountable for their dead, for in the eyes of the law, racehorses are mere things. And who cares about a dead thing?