Through a “Public Records” request to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, I was able to confirm the following kills at Florida racetracks in the 1st quarter, 2014. I have also included some various notes from the reports. They should speak for themselves.

2-year-old Side Street, January 4, Gulfstream 3

4-year-old Good Mother Fran, January 6, Gulfstream, training
“Location of deceased animal: Horse Pit”

4-year-old Golden Archway, January 11, Tampa Bay 3
“broke cannon bone, euthanized on track”
“Carcass Removed: 9:55 pm”

2-year-old Grab Your Partner, January 13, Tampa Bay, training

5-year-old Mr. Oz, January 15, Tampa Bay 2
“Carcass Removed: 4:40 am”

3-year-old Zesty Perry, January 16, Hialeah, training
“backed out of gate during training – flipped and hit head – seizures, severe”
“accidental death”

2-year-old Jmf La Panchista, January 17, Hialeah 5
“broken back during race”

2-year-old Lucky Cowgirl, January 18, Gulfstream, training

6-year-old More Nuggets, January 18, Hialeah 3
“compound fracture”
“Location of deceased animal: In maintenance area of track”

8-year-old Raised for Speed, January 20, Gulfstream 9
“Deceased Horse Location: Horse Pit”


9-year-old Suzzona, January 20, Gulfstream 10
“Deceased Horse Location: Horse Pit”

5-year-old Hey Dirty Face, January 21, Calder, training

2-year-old Our Mary Grace, January 26, Gulfstream, training
“Deceased Horse Location: Horse Pit”
picked up next day by Lowe’s Removal Service

3-year-old Corona Favorita, January 26, Hialeah 6
“fractured left femur, bled out, died”
“picked up by disposal company”

2-year-old Heavenly Champion, January 27, Gulfstream
probably training but could be result of raceday injury on January 19
“Location of deceased animal: Barn 4 Stall 47”

4-year-old Flanker Valley, February 2, Tampa Bay, training

Standardbred Dandee Diamond, February 4, Pompano
“colitis” removal cost: $250

5-year-old Silver Cloud, February 5, Tampa Bay 9

2-year-old Recall Dynaformer, February 8, Gulfstream 4

3-year-old Nicki Starshine, February 8, Gulfstream 10
“Location of deceased animal: Gulfstream Park Pit”

6-year-old Mezuman, February 10, Calder, training
“possible heart attack/ruptured aorta…died on track”

4-year-old Favorite Return, February 11, Tampa Bay
“severe colic”

Standardbred Toned Lady, February 12, Pompano

5-year-old Grass Blade, February 13, Calder, training
“Cause of Death: Humanitarian”
“Removed by: Lowe’s Dead Animal Removal”

Standardbred Fire in the Night, February 14, Pompano

6-year-old Hopper, February 15, Tampa Bay
“severe colic”

3-year-old Siren’s Secret, February 15, Calder 5 (euthanized February 18)

4-year-old Vero’s Hero, February 16, Gulfstream 1

3-year-old Dream for Dean, February 20, Calder, training
“Destroyed by: L Valentino” “Removed by: Lowe’s Dead Animal Removal”

2-year-old Ghost Tour, February 21, Tampa Bay, training

3-year-old Ya No Esta, February 21, Calder 3
“multiple fractures of both sesamoids”
“Removed by: Lowe’s Dead Animal Removal”

4-year-old Body of Evidence, February 22, Hialeah 2
“fractured carpus and metacarpal”

3-year-old Scouts Diva, February 22, Hialeah 10
“fractured carpus”

3-year-old Apollo Ono, February 23, Hialeah 6

2-year-old Vine Ripened, February 27, Tampa Bay
“Time Of Incident: 3:30 am”

4-year-old Run in Aruba, March 7, Calder 4
“fetlock joint luxation, suspensory ligament disruption”
“Destroyed by: H. Carroll”

2-year-old Holy Wildcat, March 8, Gulfstream 7

3-year-old Lewis’ Son, March 9, Gulfstream, training

3-year-old Minnie Bear, March 13, Gulfstream, training

4-year-old J Rose Gal, March 14, Tampa Bay 1

3-year-old Broadway Peyton, March 15, Tampa Bay 6

Standardbred Seton Hall, March 15, Pompano 5
“comminuted fracture, proximal fracture”

3-year-old Dee Ray, March 19, Calder, training
“Removed by: Lowe’s Dead Animal Removal”

4-year-old Gadget Girl, March 19, Gulfstream, training

3-year-old Vengeful, March 23, Gulfstream 2

3-year-old Art of the Game, March 28, Gulfstream 8
“Location of deceased animal: Horse Pit”

2-year-old Sea of Faces, March 29, Gulfstream, training

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Of the 23 flat-track deaths, 10 were originally reported (on the Equibase charts) as merely “vanned off,” 1 as “returned lame,” and another as “fell…but walked off under her own power.” Worse, 2 seemingly finished without incident. Only 9 of the 21 were listed as “broke down” (racing-speak for dead). Industry deceit laid bare, again.