Through a request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Oklahoma tracks in 2015:

2-year-old Splitterr, March 7, Remington 9 (first race)

2-year-old Jess Roses, March 15, Remington 8 (first race)

3-year-old Cowgirl Star, March 17, Will Rogers, training (coming off first race)

2-year-old Sir Santino, March 25, Remington, training (being prepped for first race)

3-year-old Two Times Flashy, April 4, Remington 1

2-year-old Rekindle, April 4, Remington 2 (first race)

2-year-old Good Year for a Rose, April 9, Remington, training (being prepped for first race)

2-year-old Flashyoursix, April 12, Remington 4

5-year-old Daybreak Dreamer, April 13, Will Rogers 9

3-year-old Katies Little Corona, April 24, Remington 1

2-year-old Jess an Appeal, May 1, Remington 5 (euthanized May 2) (first race)

5-year-old Fly Okie, May 2, Will Rogers, training

2-year-old One Sweet Marie, May 11, Remington 8

2-year-old Short Fused Corona, May 12, Remington 8

2-year-old Hot Advice, May 22, Remington 9

2-year-old Sir Tres Seis, June 3, Fair Meadows, training (being prepped for first race)

2-year-old Also Mighty, June 4, Fair Meadows 7 (first race)

3-year-old Iona Ivory, June 4, Fair Meadows 8

6-year-old Show Me the Power, June 27, Fair Meadows 7

5-year-old Test Program, July 4, Fair Meadows 7

2-year-old Blazen a Fire, July 11, Fair Meadows 10

3-year-old Glitternglory, July 24, Fair Meadows 5

2-year-old Ritzi Go Go, August 2, Remington, training (being prepped for first race)

2-year-old Nichols Hillbilly, August 6, Remington, training (being prepped for first race)

4-year-old Lainy’s Sweetness, August 21, Remington 9

5-year-old Circus Train, August 28, Remington 5

2-year-old Mystic Star, August 29, Remington 6

2-year-old Shinefortheprimetime, September 13, Will Rogers 10

4-year-old Katie’s Parade, September 27, Remington, training

2-year-old A Sweet Heart Deal, October 4, Will Rogers 8

5-year-old Unbridled’s Score, October 7, Remington 2

2-year-old Duanes Little Frog, October 11, Will Rogers 4

2-year-old Denali Teller Now, October 17, Will Rogers, training (coming off first race)

2-year-old Pyc Miss Bama, October 18, Will Rogers 12

2-year-old Once and Again, October 28, Remington, training (coming off first race)

6-year-old Diamond Okie, October 28, Remington 2

3-year-old Valdez Rare Corona, October 30, Will Rogers 7

6-year-old Bonnie Parker, November 5, Remington 1

4-year-old Top Gold, November 19, Remington, training

5-year-old Sweet Ruby Kate, December 4, Remington 5


In addition, these still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

6-year-old Stel Christina, February 17, Remington

4-year-old Curjen, March 9, Remington

4-year-old Tl Bridled Lightning, March 10, Remington

7-year-old Mighty Tenpins, March 22, Remington

“pony horse – no name,” March 25, Remington

3-year-old One Sweet Corona, May 4, Remington

2-year-old Star Spangled Perry, May 7, Remington

6-year-old Special Jessie, July 14, Fair Meadows
“dead in stall”

“pony horse” Navaho, September 19, Remington

2-year-old Lady Burbank, November 11, Remington

3-year-old Tiz Another, November 14, Remington

3-year-old Gilded Bling, November 17, Remington

3-year-old Gold Bling, November 18, Remington