Through a FOIA request to the Oregon Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 7 racing/training kills on Oregon tracks in 2015:

3-year-old Penny’s Maeham, June 12, Oregon Livestock 2

3-year-old Stormin Angel, November 17, Portland 5

3-year-old Tsunami Kidd, November 30, Portland 3

3-year-old Papa’s Angels, November 30, Portland 7

6-year-old Cu At Sunup, December 7, Portland 6

3-year-old Joanie’s Ticket, December 22, Portland 6

5-year-old Cowboy Clyde, December 29, Portland 3

In addition, these 5 still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes. While technically true, morally they are most definitely casualties of Racing.

6-year-old Corporate Comet, September 9, Portland

4-year-old Hye Choose Hope, September 18, Portland

6-year-old I Got My Wings, September 27, Portland

7-year-old Alota Action, October 8, Portland

2-year-old Special Cafeina, October 8, Portland