Through a “West Virginia Freedom of Information Act” request, I have confirmed the following 78 deaths at Charles Town in 2014:

4-year-old Sassy Cherokee, January 4, Charles Town 1, “MC3 open fracture”

3-year-old Covenant Keeper, January 9, training, “MC3 fracture”

4-year-old Country Warning, January 9, training, “sudden death”
This mare had been raced only 5 days prior – “eased, DNF.”

4-year-old Skip the Limit, January 11, Charles Town 6, “fetlock fracture”

4-year-old Past Glory, January 16, Charles Town 8, “ankle dislocation”

5-year-old Actin Lucky, January 18, Charles Town 7, “MC3 open fracture”

3-year-old Hot Event, January 20, colic (not euthanized)

3-year-old Dark Passenger, January 25, training, “MC3 open fracture”

4-year-old Concrete Cat, January 25, Charles Town 2, “fractured ribs, punctured lung”
chart said “clipped heels, fell, vanned off”

3-year-old Boppin, February 1, colic

5-year-old Take Pride Please, February 4, colic

4-year-old Mr Manske, February 7, Charles Town 4, “MC3 fracture”

3-year-old Sum Royal, February 20, Charles Town 2, “MC3 open shattered”

2-year-old Grant Us Peace, February 22, Charles Town 1, “carpus fracture”
chart said “eased, vanned off sore”

6-year-old Soft Puff, February 25, “ran loose – shoulder fracture”

4-year-old Sea Rep Run, February 28, Charles Town 6, “fetlock fracture”

2-year-old Dicolas Soul, March 1, training, “pastern fracture”

5-year-old Jalouzi, March 6, Charles Town 2, “carpus shattered”
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Sterlingspokerface, March 13, colic

2-year-old Uncle Betty, March 13, Charles Town 5, “MC3 open fracture”

4-year-old Colonel By, March 21, Charles Town 2, “carpal multiple slabs”

4-year-old Garden Tavern, March 22, Charles Town 2, “shoulder fracture”

3-year-old Printscess Best, April 1, Charles Town 9, “carpus shattered”
chart said “eased, vanned off”

5-year-old Schay’s Miss, April 4, training, “shoulder fracture”

3-year-old When We Laugh, April 4, Charles Town 5, “sesamoids displaced fracture”
chart said “pulled up, vanned off”

2-year-old Harry’s Miracle, April 10, training, “MC3 shattered”

7-year-old Shamelessly Rich, April 10, training, “MC3 condylar fracture”

Big Al (pony), April 11, Cushing’s Disease/Laminitis

7-year-old Crystal Dreamer, April 12, training, “pastern fracture”

5-year-old Forty Four Loco, April 12, Charles Town 1, “slab fracture”
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Smart Sequoyah, April 12, Charles Town 6, “condylar fracture”
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

5-year-old Here Comes Drz, April 15, Charles Town 6, “MC3 compound fracture”

6-year-old Bonnygreen, April 24, colic
In last race two weeks prior, finished last of 9.

5-year-old Big Dividend, April 29, Charles Town 8, “sudden death”
chart said “collapsed post-race”

5-year-old Blue Book, April 30, Charles Town 9, “sudden death”
chart said “collapsed, vanned off”

7-year-old Thewayofthesamurai, May 15, training, “pastern fracture”

4-year-old It Might Get Loud, May 15, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 23), “sesamoids fracture”
chart said “limped off the track”

4-year-old Opequon Creek, May 16, Charles Town 5 (euthanized May 28), “sesamoids fracture”
chart said finished fine

4-year-old Act of Divinity, May 21, colic

4-year-old Calling Mr Malcolm, May 22, training, “MC3 spiral fracture”

5-year-old Breaking Rocks, May 23, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 28), “carpus fracture”
chart said finished fine

4-year-old Papa Doc, June 28, Charles Town 4, “open lateral fracture”

4-year-old Song for Krismike, July 5, Charles Town 8, “sudden death”
chart said “collapsed just past the wire”

3-year-old Smooth Willow, July 18, Charles Town 2, “carpus fracture”
chart said “vanned off”

5-year-old Could Be a Rumor, July 18, Charles Town 6, “sesamoids fracture”

5-year-old Lucky Prize, July 24, Charles Town 9, “shoulder fracture”

3-year-old Rue the Day, July 25, Charles Town 6, “carpal fracture”

5-year-old Intimate Storm, July 30, Charles Town 6, “sesamoids fracture”

6-year-old Carolina Moon, August 6, laminitis

5-year-old The Caller, August 6, “head trauma – died”

4-year-old Roy’s Song, August 9, enteropathy

4-year-old Slewissurfing, August 9, Charles Town 5, “sesamoids fracture”
chart said “bad step, pulled up, vanned off”

3-year-old Bullwhip, August 14, Charles Town 1, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Deputy Gulch, August 14, Charles Town 2, “compound cannon fracture”

5-year-old I’m All Spotted Up, August 16, septic hock/founder

5-year-old Posh Acres, August 28, Charles Town 1, “ankle open fracture/dislocation”

3-year-old My Kinda Girl, August 30, Charles Town 4, “carpus slab fracture”

4-year-old Saffron Wonder, September 1, colic

3-year-old Sebastian’s Run, September 3, Charles Town 3, “carpus slab fracture”
chart said “appeared to be lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Frat Man, September 10, Charles Town 7, “multiple fractures”

4-year-old Won Request, September 19, colitis (not euthanized)

4-year-old Full Ride, September 25, Charles Town 7 (euthanized September 26), “multiple fractures”
chart said “vanned off sore”

3-year-old Blue Kat Key, September 26, training, “carpal fracture”

10-year-old Scootingon Theedge, September 30, anaphylaxis (not euthanized)

5-year-old Chigoe, October 3, Charles Town 4, “sudden death after race”
chart said finished fine

3-year-old Bee Boppin Along, October 9, Charles Town 7, “sesamoids fracture”
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Past Tense, October 10, “colon torsion”

3-year-old Put It Back Martha, October 15, Charles Town 3, “multiple fractures”

4-year-old Swift Pursuit, November 4, training, “humerus fracture”

5-year-old True Awakening, November 14, Penn 5 (euthanized Charles Town November 21), “radius fracture”
chart said finished fine

4-year-old Madelynsheabadgirl, November 21, Charles Town 3, “shoulder fracture”

7-year-old Crazy Bear, December 4, Charles Town 4, “dislocated fetlock”

6-year-old Matter of Truth, December 10, Charles Town 6, “fetlock fracture”

4-year-old Bird Hunter, December 12, Charles Town 3, “femur fracture”
chart said “fell, vanned off”

3-year-old Caroline’s Estate, December 13, training, “femur fracture”

3-year-old Frisky Dixie, December 13, Charles Town 4, “shoulder fracture”

4-year-old Hard Play, December 16, “found dead in stall – cause unknown”
In last race, November 21st, finished last of 9.

4-year-old Bunuska, December 17, Charles Town 4, “sesamoids fracture”
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”