I have completed my FOIA requests and subsequent reports for 2014. Follows is a state-by-state recap.

These states would not (or said they could not) fill my request:

Arkansas – After the Commission said it “would not be involved in the death of a horse unless there was a suspected rule violation,” I sent a request to Oaklawn Park. Their reply: “Such a list [of dead horses] does not exist.”

California – Willing to give raw number, but not the horses’ names.

Delaware – Made it cost-prohibitive to secure the information.

Kentucky – “Regarding your request, the KHRC is not in possession of any documents that would be responsive to that portion of your request. You may want to contact the Jockey Club.”

Michigan – “MGCB denies your request for the reason that, after reasonable inquiry, to the best of the MGCB’s knowledge, information, and belief, MGCB does not possess [those] records.”

Minnesota – “We are prohibited from sending this information by Minnesota law. Minnesota Statute 156.082 states that veterinary records of a client that are maintained by a state agency, statewide system, or political subdivision are private data on individuals or nonpublic data as defined in section 13.02.”

Pennsylvania – “A list of racehorses which died or were euthanized at Pennsylvania racetracks is not maintained by the Racing Commission.”

These states, while honoring the request, omitted crucial information:

Arizona – Only submitted for one of its two tracks (Turf), leaving Rillito completely unrepresented.

Idaho – Training deaths were omitted.

Iowa – Training deaths were omitted.

Louisiana – Training deaths were omitted: “We do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during training hours as those are more often than not handled between the trainer and their private veterinarian.”

Nebraska – Training deaths were omitted.

Oregon – Training deaths were omitted.

West Virginia – Mountaineer’s training deaths were omitted.

While the following states provided the information that I asked for, none of them (nor any of the others) disclosed those horses who were euthanized (for racing or training injuries) at private farms, training centers, or rescue facilities. In short, our 2014 KIA list is far from complete.

Indiana (though names were redacted)
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York