3-year-old Puckleberry Finn has been raced 13 times this year – all claiming:

Jan 1st, 5th of 8 (18+ lengths back)
Jan 12th, 6th of 7, (26+ lengths back)
Apr 14th, 4th of 7
May 3rd, 5th of 7
May 9th (six days later), last of 7 (17+ lengths back)
May 31st, 8th of 9, (14+ lengths back)
Jul 25th, 9th of 11
Aug 8th, 8th of 9
Sep 1st, last of 8 (33 lengths back)
Sep 17th, 7th of 9
Sep 24th (seven days later), last of 6 (22+ lengths back)
Oct 31st, 7th of 11
Nov 24th, 7th of 12

On January 1st at Fair Grounds, the price on his head was $12,500. In his most recent race, five days ago at Mahoning, he was worth $3,500. In that span, he has endured four different trainers – Steven Duke, Jim Tracy, David Hunt, John Brown – and three owners (current, Charles Golden). In short, he is a cheap expendable asset about to be expended. This is horseracing.