A week ago, I highlighted an abused horse named Shamrock Road. Well, his ordeal continues: Tuesday, Shamrock was put to the whip yet again – 7th of 8, 16+ back.

This morning, we turn our attention to 4-year-old Hear Me Purr. In the last 12 weeks, this filly has been raced an unconscionable 10 times – all maiden claiming (and all at Gulfstream Park). The results are as ugly as her people:

June 4, 6th of 11, 12+ back (earned $140)
May 29, 5th of 8, 17+ back (earned $150)
May 16, last of 6, 26 back (earned $140)
May 8, 6th of 10 (earned $140)
May 3, 5th of 7, 15 back (earned $170)
April 17, 8th of 9 (earned $170)
April 9, 7th of 9, 27 back (earned $150)
April 4, 7th of 10, 15+ back (earned $140)
March 29, DNF
March 11, 7th of 8, 23+ back (earned $140)

And she’s entered to race again today – the 11th time in 13 weeks.

Because Gulfstream is a racino track – where casino gaming not only artificially jacks purses but also allows the track to pay first through last – and because these are claiming races, meaning there’s a good chance that at some point someone will buy this will-never-be-a-champion horse from her present owner (Birbal’s Racing Stable), there is every incentive for trainer Randi Persaud to keep Hear Me Purr running at a pace that no equine vet with an ounce of integrity would endorse.

As most tracks in America are racinos and most races – up to 70% – claiming, these are the kinds of run-em-into-the-ground stories that are the rule. But you won’t hear of them from Bob Costas or Ray Paulick. Instead, we continue to be fed a steady diet of repugnant American Pharoah fluff.

This is horseracing.

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