Here is an active “For Sale” ad for a 5-year-old gelding named Qu:

“A gorgeous, well balanced horse with a great shoulder, neck and topline. He is also super friendly and quiet. This guy is lightly raced but has not shown much potential for it. According to his trainer, in March he sustained an injury to his left hind leg from kicking through a stall wall, and then getting stuck in the hole and slicing his leg down to the bone is [sic] trying to pull it out. Although there is still scarring, he said the leg is completely healed now and he is sound on it despite the cosmetic changes. Indeed, Qu has raced twice since the injury.

His trainer says he is a kind and well mannered horse who has no vices and he feels Qu would make a wonderful pleasure horse, but could also be shown. He was very quiet for his pictures but the dreary day didn’t do justice to his lovely coat. Such a nice boy, come see him in person and decide for yourself, and please don’t let the cosmetic scars on his leg stop you from giving him the good home and new career that he deserves.” (pics here)

In both of Qu’s races (last month at Finger Lakes) after “slicing his leg down to the bone,” he finished dead-last – 28 lengths back in the first, 50 – yes, 50 – in the second. This, of course, explains the “not much potential for racing.”

To trainer/owner Eduardo Maver, I ask: Has not this pitiful animal endured enough on your watch? Compassion here would be an immediate and free – preferably with a donation – retirement to a reputable rescue. Anything short is unconscionable. We all have better angels, Mr. Maver, we need only let them out.