What happens when the corporate welfare you’ve been receiving for some 20 years is no longer enough? We may be finding out in West Virginia where that state’s two Thoroughbred tracks, citing a lack of adequate purse money, are dropping end-of-year race-dates – 21 combined between Mountaineer and Charles Town. In a rich explanation relayed by Blood-Horse, officials say the insufficient purse money is a result of “legislative grabs” of the tracks’ Video Lottery Terminal revenue.

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Just to be clear, VLT revenue that’s funneled into purses is a subsidy from the state; subsidies, by definition, are gifts. So if the state is grabbing, it’s only grabbing back what should never have been the horse people’s in the first place. Here’s hoping that West Virginia continues to grab until Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races drop the racing parts of their names.